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Yarmouth, Massachusetts Vital Records
Births, Deaths, & Marriages,  to the end of 1849
Plus Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions

Extracted from the original town records.

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The book is 68 pages, NOT indexed, names grouped by family, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $11.98 + $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

Yarmouth was founded in 1639. It had no parent town. Yarmouth was formerly known as Mattacheeset.

The earliest vital records of Yarmouth are found in Volume III of the town records, and on a loose leaf which may have belonged to the first or second volume, now lost. The first part of Volume III is very badly worn, and it has recently been repaired by the Emery process.

The records presented in this issue are those found on the loose leaf.

A sample of the records presented in this book follows:

The Children of Nicklis Nickerson
Hester Nickerson was 18 yr old the last wick of ocktobr 1674
william Nickrson was 16 yr old the 12th of Janury 1674
Elisabeth Nickrson was 12 yr old the Desembr 1674
John Nickrson was 10 yr old the 10th of septemb 1674
Mary Nickrson was 6 yr old the last wick of July 1674
Sarach Nickrson was 1 yr old the first of May 1675
Pasyence Nickerson borne the 3d of Aprill 1682

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