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Compiled by Martha McDaniel Thompson, 1960; revised 1982;
Reformatted and reprinted with corrections and additions by Richard R. Dietz, 1995.

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In addition to the Womack surname, related and allied names discussed include: Mosby, Chamberlayne, and Puckett. The book is 127 pages, fully indexed, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $15.95 plus $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.50 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

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The following sample is taken from the first pages of the book.

Part I: William and Mary Jane Womack of Henrico Co., Virginia.

The ancestor of most of the Womacks in America today is believed to be William Womack who was born about 1610 to 1620 presumably in England, county Norfolk. There are still Womacks in that area. On a tour of England in 1970 a Womack store was noticed in Sleaford. William is believed to have come to Henrico County, Virginia between 1630 and 1640. The five sons of William--William, Abraham, Richard, Thomas and John are mentioned in the Colonial Records of Virginia as was the ancestral home being Norfolk, England. There were two daughters, Ann and Mary.

1. William Womack, the Immigrant b presumably in England, County Norfolk b 1610/20
d Henrico Co., Va. 1674/77. m Mary Jane Allen, widow d a 1685. The children may not be listed in order of birth. All may have been born in Henrico Co., Va.

...2.1 William Womack, Jr. b 1640s d Henrico Co., Va. a 1674. m Jane (_______).
ch: Thomas, Mary. See Part I for descendants.

...2.2 Abraham Womack I b 1644 d Henrico Co., Va. Will dated Nov 1732 proved Oct 1733. Wife unknown. Some believe she may have been Sarah Sumercales, one headright named in his patent of 1688. ch: Abraham II, William, Thomas, Martha. See Part II for descendants.

...2.3 Richard Womack I b a 1650 d Henrico Co., Va 1664. m Mary Puckett b l647 Henrico Co., Va. ch: Richard, William, Elizabeth. See Part III for descendants.

...2.4 Thomas Womack b c1647 d Henrico Co., Va. 1697. m Mary Puckett. no ch. See Part V for his record.

...2.5 John Womack b c1653 d Prince George Co., Va. will 1725. m Mary (_______).
ch: John Jr., William, Richard, Abraham. See Part IV for his record.

...2.6 Ann Womack b 1657. m Will Puckett. ch: Elizabeth Ann, William, Richard, Womack. See Part V for her descendants.

...2.7 Mary Womack b 1659. m Thomas Puckett b c l658. ch: Thomas, Frances, William, John. See Part V for her descendants.

...2.8 Jane Womack b Henrico Co., Va. c 1662. m Henry Pugh Jr. b c 1665 d Henrico Co., Va. c 1710. Will 5 May 1709, prob 3 Mar 1711. ch: Ann. See Part V for her descendants.

Ref: Valentine Papers pp 1772,1774

William patented land in the Bermuda Hundred Section of Henrico Co., Va. in 1665.
Ref. CDXVII Century Applic. on William Womack b 1620 Eng/Va. in 1957.

William Womack on tithing list of Henrico Co., Va. in 1679. Va. Rec. Bk. 1677-92 pp 492, 716, 762. Va. State Library.
Also "Rand, Hale & Allied Families" by Nettie Hale Rand, 1940.

Other references:
Valentine Papers pp 1772, 1774.
William & Mary College Quarterly V24 p 208.
Virginia Historical Magazine, Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia p 369.
Chesterfield Co Va. p 48 by Lutz.

The descendants of William Womack remained essentially southern families. In the 1790 census there were at least 30 Womack families in Virginia. There were 11 in North Carolina and 2 in South Carolina. Later they went westward to Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri and later still to the north- west and farther west. They went south to Alabama, Georgia, Texas and other states.

The Womack name is spelled with many variations in the records: Womack, Wamack, Wamoche, Wommack, Waamock, Wamocke and many others. The most used pronunciation of the families in North Carolina and Tennessee put the accent on the first syllable as Wom'ack. In a few instances an "r" was used in the first syllable as War'mack.

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