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Descendants of Edward Winn, 
of Woburn, Mass.

By Edmund Janes Cleveland, (New Haven, Conn., 1889)

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The book's full text (40 pages) comprises chapter 5 of the full book "The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families," by Edmund Janes Cleveland (1899).
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     Several pages of the first part of the book list the prominent individuals who were named Wynne, Winne, Wyne, Wyn, Wynn, Winne, Winnie, and Winn.

     Edward Winn, the subject of the book, was born in Wales or England prior to 1640.  He married first in England, Joanna or Jane (last name unknown).  Married second in Woburn, Mass., Sarah Beal, and third Ann or Hannah (____)[Page] Wood.  He immigrated to New England with wife, Jane and their three children born in England or Wales prior to 1640.  He was a resident of Woburn, Mass. from 1641 until his death in 1682.  His youngest daughter, Ann, was the wife of Moses Cleaveland/Cleveland.

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