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The Pedigree and History of the Washington Family:

Derived from Odin, the Founder of Scandinavia, B.C. 70,
Involving a Period of Eighteen Centuries, 
and Including Fifty-five Generations Down to
General George Washington, First President of the United States.

By Albert Welles, (New York, N.Y., 1879)

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   The ancestry of George Washington is traced through the Royal line of Denmark in the thirty-two generations to "THORFIN THE DANE," A. D. 1000, whose ancestors were of Schleswig, Denmark.  He settled in Yorkshire, England, prior to the Norman Conquest. The descent is traced in Denmark and England, from father to son, down through the centuries, including branches in different shires, to JOHN WASHINGTON, the great-grandfather of General GEORGE WASHINGTON, in twenty generations from THORFIN; with interesting personal matter regarding nearly 500 members of the Family and their alliances in England and America.

   The FAMILY OF WASHINGTON derives its name from the Village of Wassington, juxta Ravensworth (now called Wharleton), in the Parish of Kirkby-Ravensworth, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Originally Evervicscire, the Eboricure of the Romans, or Evereux, afterwards Ebor, at the time of the Conquest, and lastly Yorkshire. The people of this part of the country were all of Scandinavian descent, and spoke the same language with the Normans themselves, which was the language of the Ancient Angles. The Saxons never settled here, and were of a different race. The City of York having been long before that time especially a Danish City, and the Chief City in all England.

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