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Washburn book #1
By William Lewis Washburn  (Patchogue, N. Y., 1914).

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   Abiel Washburn was a millwright by trade. and was considered an expert at building mills with waterwheels. His work rook him to many towns to live. In 1835 he moved his family to Harford, Susquehanna County, Penn. traveling by wagon across country; but the next July he returned and settled in West Stafford. Conn., where he stayed ten years and then moved to Springfield, Mass., residing there thirteen years he then went to Waterbury, Conn., but returned to Springfield after two years' residence and went to work for the Wason Car works. When carpenter work failed him he put up a liniment for sprains which he sold. At one time he also carried on a small business selling notions through the country.

Washburn book #2 
Genealogic Notes of the Washburn Family
(Descendants of Israel Washburn)

By Mrs. Julia Chase Washburn (Livermore, 1898)

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   The book begins with "Notes of the Washbourne Family in England". Next is an examination of the Washburn who was the first with the name to immigrate to New England.  The progenitor's grandson, Israel, is the next to have his descendants detailed.

Washburn book #3
The Washburn Family
(Descendants of John of Plymouth & William of Stratford, Conn., & Hempstead, L. I.)

By W. C. Sharpe, (Seymour, Conn., 1892)

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   The name has been spelled Washburn, Washbourne, Washband, Washbon, Washborn, Washborne, and Washburne, the first is the most common.  In this short book the descendants of John Washburn, who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts Colony in 1632, and William Washburn of Stratford, Conn., and Hempstead, Long Island are discussed.


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