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The Descendants of John Stubbs, 
of Gloucester County, Virginia (1652).

By: William Carter Stubbs, (New Orleans, La., 1902).

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The book is 121 pages. The full text has been converted to PDF format which is searchable using the Reader's "FIND" function, and it is fully indexed. 
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The Adobe Acrobat Reader software program is required in order to view this book on the disk.  You can print paper copies of the book. The software program and installation instructions are included on the disk.  

     Chapters 1 and 2 discuss the origins of the name in England, the coat of arms of one branch of the family, immigrants to America, and Stubbses in Pennsylvania.     

     The following is excerpted from chapter 3:
     "Although it is believed that a son of the Mr. Stubbs who bought of Mr. Thomas Maddox the two shares of the Virginia Company in 1620, settled in Virginia about 1652, there are no official records known to prove it. The first official record occurs in 1671. From that time on the name of John Stubbs occurs frequently in the court records, land books and church registers [of Virginia]. 
     "Our official records of births begin in the Abingdon parish register in 1678, with Sus(anna), the daughter of John and Susannah Stubbs. After this date occur in records the names of Richard, Thomas, John and Francis Stubbs, presumably the sons of John and Susannah Stubbs.
     "Richard apparently left the State in 1703 and probably went to Bath county, North Carolina.  Thomas signs the protest, with others, in the vestry book of Petsworth parish, against transubstantiation in 1714, was Sheriff of Gloucester county in 1735, member of vestry of Petsworth from 1745 to his death, in 1762.
     "John (afterward Captain) was a member of the vestry of Petsworth from 1748 to his death, in 1760.  Francis was processioner in Second precinct in 1741 and member of the vestry of Petsworth from 1753 to his death, in 1767.  
     "The Petsworth vestry book mentions the death of John Stubbs in 1719.  It is believed that he was the husband of Susannah and father of the four boys given above, and the ancestor of all of the Stubbses of the South.  By being called John, Jr., in 1701, is is probable that he was the son of John the immigrant and perhaps the grandson of the shareholder in the London Company (1620-1622)."

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