Stockdale's Cavalry, Company I, 4th Mississippi Cavalry, organized at Holmesville, Miss., on the 1st of July, 1862, by Thomas R. Stockdale:


Christian "Kit" HOOVER, Captain, Pike Co.
Dan WILLIAMS, 1st Lieut., Wilkinson Co.
Doug. WALKER, 2nd Lieut., Wilkinson Co.
Burrell C. QUIN, 3rd Lieut., Louisiana
H. N. SHAW, 1st Sergeant, Amite Co.
Drew GODWIN, 2nd Sergeant, Amite Co.
W. M. CAIN, 3rd Sergeant, Franklin Co.
F. WALL, 4th Sergeant, Abbeville, LA


Anderson, B. F., Amite Co.                Anderson, Henry, Amite Co.           Andrews, Robert, Amite Co.

Andrews, Adam, Amite Co.                Bouie, Dan, Franklin Co.                Burrus, Enos, Franklin Co.

Briley, Benjamin F., Pike Co.            Barnes, W. Clinton, Pike Co.          Booker, Jim, Pike Co.

Bryant, Lewis, Wilkinson Co.            Berryhill, G. W., Amite Co.             Butler, Hugh, Amite Co.

Beam, Walter, Franklin Co.               Brown, George, Amite Co.               Bell, John, Amite Co.

Bell, A., Amite Co.                              Criswell, M., Wilkinson Co.            Collier, Tobe, Wilkinson Co.

Cox, W. H., Amite Co.                        Cain, Isaiah, Pike Co.                       Cox, William, Amite Co.

Collins, Levy, Wilkinson Co.              Carey, Richard, Wilkinson Co.        Coon, Frank, Centerville.

Crozier, Robert, Wilkinson Co.           Cameron, --------, Centerville.          Causey, William, Amite Co.

Cassedy, Hiram, Franklin Co.            Crow, Thomas, Wilkinson Co.        Coney Wm. L, (Bose), Pike Co.

Crago, Doug., Wilkinson Co.               Caston, West, Amite Co.                  Dies, Dave, Amite Co.

Davis, C. W., Wilkinson Co.                Dickerson, Jim, Pike Co.                  Everett, W., Amite Co.

Everett, Alex., Amite Co.                    Everett, J., Amite Co.                        Everett, Chas., Amite Co.

Everett, Marshall, Amite Co. (killed at Harrisburg, Miss.)                          Everett, James, Amite Co.

Flowers, E. W., Amite Co.                   Ferguson, Jas. M. (Dr.), Pike Co.    Fenn, D. W., Amite Co.

Gatlin, W. M., Amite Co. (killed at Harrisburg, Miss.)                                Garner, James, Amite Co.

Gildart, James, Wilkinson Co.            Garner, J. J., Amite Co.                    Glass, J., Wilkinson Co.

Godwin, J., Amite Co.                        Hurst, Wm., Amite Co.                       Howell, Joe, Wilkinson Co.

Harkless, -------, Amite Co.                Howell, Henry, Amite Co.                    Hart, Joe, Pike Co.

Huckleby, Dave, Pike Co.                  Hamilton, Gus, Pike Co.                      Huff, T. H., Amite Co.

Huff, Van, Amite Co.                           Holland, Sam, Wilkinson Co.              Harris, Tom, Amite Co.

Harris, Enoch, Amite Co.                    Jones, Pink, Franklin Co.                    Jackson, Frank, Amite Co.

Johnson, Alex, Pike Co.                      Jenkins, Wiley, Amite Co.                  Kaigler, John, Pike Co.

Kaigler, Andrew, Pike Co.                   Longmire, Wm., Amite Co.                Linton, Sam, Amite Co.

Lenoir, Walter, Pike Co.                    Lusk, Joe, Amite Co.                          Lusk, John, Amite Co.

Lewis, E. H., Wilkinson Co.                Ligon, ------, Woodville, Miss.            Martin, Frank, Amite Co.

Martin, Wiley J., Pike Co.                   Martin, R. P.

Morris, Monroe, Wilkinson Co.          McReady, ------, Wilkinson Co.        McGehee, T. L., Amite Co.

McGehee, Lewis, Amite Co.                Moore, Bill, Amite Co.                      Mays, Bill, Wilkinson Co.

McLain, E. B., Amite Co. (Gloster)   Newsom, H. C., St. Helena Par., La.  McLain, George, Amite Co.   

Nunery, Henry, Amite Co.                  Netterville, Jesse, Wilkinson Co.       Noble, W. H., Wilkinson Co.

Posey, Jeff, Wilkinson Co.                  Pascoe, W. H., Wilkinson Co.          Patterson, Wm., Wilkinson Co.

Prosser, Henry, Wilkinson Co.           Price, J. G., Pike Co.                         Quin, Sherod R., Pike Co.

Rollins, Thad, Franklin Co.                 Reeves, James, Amite Co.                Roberson, Thomas, Amite Co.

Roudolph, G., Amite Co. (South Carolina).                                                    Rutland, Berry, Wilkinson Co.

Richardson, P. A., Wilkinson Co.        Riley, G. R., Wilkinson Co.           Rodgers, Robert, Wilkinson Co.

Roark, T. J., Wilkinson Co.                Simrall, Flem, Wilkinson Co.           Simrall, Scrap, Wilkinson Co.

Swearingen, Henry, Amite Co.            Smith, Wade, Amite Co.                 Sample, William, Wilkinson Co.

Smith, R. K.                                          Stewart, Henry, Wilkinson Co.        Statham, Charles, Pike Co.

Sharpe, Ed., Amite Co.                        Thornhill, J., Pike Co.                      Tillery, D. W., Amite Co.

Thompson, Bell, Amite Co. (killed at Harrisburg).                                        Terrell, Griff, Amite Co.

Thompson, John, Amite Co.                  Terrell, James, Amite Co.               Tolbert, Polk, Amite Co.

Vaught, W. W., Pike Co., Brigade Quartermaster.                                       Van, Norden, Pike Co.

Vaught, Wm. C., transferred from 39th Mississippi to 4th Mississippi Cavalry, February, 1863, at Port Hudson.

Wright, Charles, Wilkinson Co.            Wright, E. A. Wilkinson Co.            Walker, Ed., Wilkinson Co.

Wroten, W. M., Pike Co.                      Webb, P. C., Amite Co.                    Weathersby, L. O., Amite Co.

Whitaker, James, Wilkinson Co.         Sleeper, Gardner, Amite Co.            Wilson, W. H., Amite Co.

Pandarvis, Dick, Pike Co. (killed at Harrisburg).

   The above company was organized July 1, 1862, by Thomas R. Stockdale, who had served in Virginia one year as Major of the 16th Mississippi Regiment, then under Brigadier Isaac R. Trimble.

   The company was first officered by Thomas R. Stockdale, Captain; Christian Hoover, 1st lieutenant; Dan Williams, 2nd lieutenant; W. W. Vaught, 3rd lieutenant.

   It was formed into a battalion with W. Norman’s company and Thomas R. Stockdale was elected major, when it was known as "Stockdale’s battalion" of Cavalry. This battalion was subsequently consolidated with Wilborne’s battalion and formed into a regiment known as the 4th Mississippi Cavalry, with W. W. Wilborne, as colonel; Thomas R. Stockdale, lieutenant colonel and W. Norman, major.

   W. W. Vaught was promoted to brigade quartermaster and B. C. Quin was elected 3rd lieutenant of the company. The company was first under Col. Frank Powers, as one of the companies of Stockdale’s battalion, and afterwards in the spring of 1863 was consolidated with Colonel Wilborne’s battalion and formed the 4th Mississippi Cavalry, and formed a part of Logan’s cavalry brigade, which was composed of the 4th Mississippi, 14th Confederate, 11th and 17th Arkansas regiments, Roberts’ Battery and Brown’s Scouts.

   Stockdale’s cavalry company was in all the skirmishes in rear of Port Hudson; fought at Fayette against Elliot’s marine brigade, fought Sherman from Vicksburg to Meridian and back. Skirmished with McPhearson’s Corps from Big Black to Brownville and back. Fought around Oxford, was engaged in the battle of Harrisburg, Miss., having six men killed on the field and a number wounded, among them Lieut. Col. T. R. Stockdale, severely. Was in the celebrated raid with General Forest to Johnsonville, Tennessee, destroying over one million dollars of the enemy’s property; captured and sunk three gunboats; was with Forest in the last campaign in Alabama, where Wilson made his celebrated raid destroying Selma, Ala., and Columbus, Ga., and finally surrendered at Gainesville, Ala., May 12, 1865.

   The author is pleased to acknowledge his indebtedness to Hon. The. L. McGehee, for the muster roll of this company and valuable data and also to Dr. Wm. Monroe Wroten, and Wm. L. Coney for desirable information connected with its history, concerning which Dr. Wroten says in a note: "I have carefully gone over the list and made all the corrections, assisted by W. L. Coney. I hope, by a little pains and patience on your part, you will be able to get things measurably correct. (Signed) W. M. WROTEN."


   Capt. Kit Hoover, who commanded Stockdale's cavalry company, was a son of Judge Christian Hoover, and his wife, Mary Newland Nails. At the beginning of the war he joined the Summit Rifles and served with that company in the army of Northern Virginia. Being severely wounded in one of his limbs, he returned home and joined Stockdale's Cavalry and became its Captain. After the close of hostilities he graduated in medicine. He married Mary Virginia Barnes, daughter of Harris Barnes and his wife, Julia Lott , who resided at Columbia, in Marion County. Mary Virginia Barnes was a sister of Mrs. Emily Atkinson, of Summit. These young ladies were among the most accomplished in Marion County. They had two brothers, Allen and L. T. Barnes, and a sister, Mrs. David. Capt. Hoover and his wife had two children, Harrie and Mamie.

The above was extracted from "Pike County, Mississippi 1798-1876; Pioneer Families and Confederate Soldiers - Reconstruction and Redemption" by Luke Ward Conerly, 1909. Reprinted 1989 by Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC.

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