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Genealogical History of the Family Semple,
From 1214 to 1888.

By: William Alexander Semple, (Hartford, Conn., 1888).

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The book is 60 pages. The full text has been converted to PDF format which is searchable using the Reader's "FIND" function, and it is fully indexed. 
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     SEMPLE, or SEMPILL, a surname of great antiquity in the west of Scotland.  As to the origin of this ancient family, it is difficult to make any conjecture, or to insist upon what is tradition relative to it, that being for the most part confused.  It is sufficient to know that for more than 600 years they have been barons of great power in the County of Renfrew, and had large possessions in that and the two adjoining counties of Ayr and Lanark.  Omitting the remote barons of Elliestoun, mention is made of the following:

     I. ROBERT de SEMPLE, the first of the family of whom any record remains, lived in the reign of Alexander the Second, who ascended the throne in 1214, and in the reign of King Alexander, the Third, this Robert de Semple was Steward of the Barony of Renfrew.  Be left two sons who were great patriots and friends of Robert the Bruce.

     JAMES SEMPLE, born in Scotland, emigrated to South Carolina. His son, JAMES SEMPLE, third child and second son of James Semple, pastor of Long Dreghorn, born May 17, 1730; emigrated to New Kent County, Virginia, 1755; pastor of St. Peter's Church, which he founded and now standing in good order; the walls more than three feet thick; every brick from England. He married October 6, 1768, Rebecca Allen, descended from the Armisteads, kin of General Robert E. Lee, Richard Henry Lee having married a Carter, whose mother was a cousin of Rebecca Allen who died, January 1, 1786.

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