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Roll of the Members of
The Military Company of the Massachusetts
Now Called
The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company
Of Massachusetts.
(1638 - 1894)

Prepared by Vote of the Company,
Boston, Mass., 1895.

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     "The Military Company of the Massachusetts" received a charter signed by John Winthrop, then Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, March 13, 1638.  Under that charter it still lives, now bearing the name of "The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts," and being the oldest military body and chartered organization on the American continent.
     The petition for the charter, if not formally refused, remained in abeyance for some time, Gov. Winthrop giving as a reason for not granting it, that it might be dangerous "to erect a standing authority of military men who might easily, in time, overthrow the civil power."  The surrounding circumstances make it probable that the religious question also entered into the matter, as many of the petitioners differed thereon from the authorities, by whom dissenters from the Puritan faith and customs were looked upon with but little favor. Though the petitioners must have associated themselves together for military purposes some time prior to the date of the charter, March 13, 1688, that day is held as the birthday of the Company.
     Among its charter members its first Commander, Robert Keayne, stood foremost.  He came to Boston from London, England, in 1635, where he had been a member of the Honourable Artillery Company.  Upon the roll of its members are to be found the names of men who in their day and generation through the entire history of Massachusetts have been foremost in peace and in war, and have occupied the highest places in science, art and literature, in social, professional, political and military life. Their names only are given herein as the story of their lives is soon to appear in a history of the Company, which will show that they have during two hundred and fifty-seven years done well their part in building up the city of its birth, the Commonwealth and the nation, to all of which they have ever offered an unswerving loyalty.
     In addition to the roll, the book contains a "Roster of the Commissioned Officers and Preachers."

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