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History and Genealogy of the Ricks Family of America.

By: Guy Scoby Rix, (Concord, N. H., 1908).

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    The first one of the name of this branch of the family was Isaac Ricks, who was born in England, and a tradition exists that he came from England and landed at Jamestown, Virginia, and settled in Warrasguyeake, one of the eight shires of Virginia, which was changed in 1737 to Isle of Wight County, which included the present counties of Nansemond and Southampton. These counties were peopled largely by Puritans and Quakers, whose records began in 1663. The land and court records of these counties were destroyed by fire many years ago, and genealogical records are very meager.

   Isaac Ricks was a Quaker, and was a member of the Quaker Church, located at a place called Chuckatuck, situated on the western branch of the Nansemond River, in what is now Nansemond County. At this point, about ten miles from Suffolk and near the line of Isle of Wight County, was the Quaker Church built by Robert and Abraham Ricks in 1702.

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