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History of the Reed Family in Europe and America

By: Jacob Wittemore Reed, (Boston, Mass., 1861).

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The book is 601 pages and there is an every-name index index.
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   Chapter titles give the names of the individuals and their descendants investigated and recorded in this book:
I. Origin of the name and history of the clans.                                            XXII. Reeds of Various Families.
II. William Reade of Boston and his descendants.                                     XXIII. Reed of the Boston Police Notoriety.
III. Col. Thomas Read of Salem and his descendants.                               XXIV. Reed of the "Constitution" and "Guerriere" Notoriety.
IV. William Reade of Woburn and his descendants.                                   XXV. Reeds of Various Families.
V. Esdras Reade of Boston and his descendants.                                       XXVI. The Lancaster Stock.
VI. John Read of Rehoboth and his descendants.                                      XXVII. Reid of Ethan Allen Notoriety, and Others.
VII. Elias Read and his descendants                                                           XXVIII. Reeds, Reads, or Reids, not Fully Traced.
VIII. William Reade of Weymouth and his descendants.                           XXIX. Miscellaneous List of Marriages.
IX. Philip Reade of Weymouth and his descendants.                                  XXX. Josiah Read of Connecticut and his descendants..
X. John Reede of Plymouth County.
XI. John Read of Freetown and his descendants.
XII. John Reade and others.
XIII. John Read of Alexandria and his descendants.
XIV. John Read, Sen., and his descendants in America.
XV. John Read of Norwalk and his descendants.
XVI. Joseph of Lynn and his descendants.
XVII. Lyme, Halifax, and Wisconsin Stock.
XVIII. The Londonderry Reids.
XIX. Burlington Stock.
XX. The Reads of the Benjamin Franklin Stock.
XXI. The Boothbay Stock.

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