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A Genealogy of the descendants of
Who settled at Weymouth, Mass., 1635,
Some account of the descendants of
Who settled at Hingham, Mass., 1635,
and Salem (Danvers), Mass., 1644.

By Joseph W. Porter,
Burlington, Maine, 1878.

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Nearly all the families bearing the name of Porter, in the United States, can trace their origin to a very few imigrant ancestors.


Settled in Weymouth, Mass., in 1685. He was my ancestor; and a few years since, although not especially fitted for such a work by education or occupation', I began a Genealogy of his descendants. It has been a work demanding patience and persistence; but it has been a pleasure. The very many pleasant letters received from members of the family, in nearly every state and territory in the union, containing information and encouragement, I would here gratefully remember. I give in this little book the result, not that it is perfect or complete, but it is what I have.


Of Hingham, and Salem, was at Hingham in 1685-not more than three miles distant from Richard Porter, at Weymouth. I believe they were brothers, but have no positive proof of the fact.

In the course of my researches, I have accumulated much information relating to the earlier generations of this highly respectable family; with some accounts of later generations. I have concluded to print what I have, hoping that it may be of some benefit, by the way of assistance towards a more complete Genealogy of this family, and of interest until that is accomplished.

JOHN PORTER, of Windsor, Conn., settled there, 1688, and said to have been previously at Dorchester, Mass.  Hon. Samuel W. Porter, of Rochester, New York, Henry Porter Andrews, of New York City, and Rev. Edward C. Porter, of Racine, Wis., have given much time and research to a Genealogy of this family, the last named gentleman having prosecuted his work in England.

ROBERT and THOMAS PORTER , brothers, were of the eighty-four proprietors of Farmington, Conn., in 1640. The first named was ancestor of President Noah Porter, of Yale College.

DANIEL PORTER, surgeon, of Farmington, Conn., before 1658, said by one authority to have been a brother of Robert and Thomas, of that town.

ABEL PORTER, of Boston, Mass., admitted to the church there Jan. 28, 1641.

JOHN PORTER, of Roxbury, freeman, Nov., 5, 1638, removed to Boston, where in March, 1686, he was appointed by court a referee in a case John Burr vs. Mr. Dummer. He was a follower of Rev. John Wheelwright and Ann Hutchinson, in their "seditious doctrines," and (with others,) was warned before the 30th of November, 1637, to deliver up his guns, pistols, powder, shot and match, at Mr. Cane's house in Boston, there to be kept till further orders by the court. "March 12, 1688, John Porter and others . . . having license to depart, summons is to go out for them to appear (if they are not gone before,) at the next court, the third month, to answer such things as shall be objected."  Judge Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary of New England, says that "he removed to Rhode Island, signed their compact in 1638; was an assistant in 1641, and after for some years.  Lived in Portsmouth, R. I., in 1655, and at Wickford, R. I., 1674. Hazard II, 612." It has been by some thought that this man was the same as John, of Hingham and Salem, but I do not see how such can be the case. There are some other families who have come into the country since 1800, from England, Ireland, and the British Provinces.

Burlington, Maine, 1878.

[Publisher's note: This book concerns itself with the genealogy of the descendants of the first two individuals named above: Richard of Weymouth, and John of Hingham and Salem.]

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