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Plymouth, Massachusetts 
Death Records
Epitaphs from Burial Hill, 1657 to 1892

With Biographical and Historical Notes

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     The book is 140 pages, INDEXED, and names listed alphabetically, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $19.98 + $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

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     The book's pages have been scanned and converted to PDF format and placed on a CD-ROM disk.   Priced at $14.95 plus $3.99 shipping & handling charge.
(Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

     The Adobe Acrobat Reader software program is required in order to view the book on the disk.  The Acrobat Reader software program necessary to view the pages of the book, and installation instructions are included on the disk.  You can also print paper copies of the book. 

     The original book's 330 pages have been scanned and placed two on a page in this version. The text is not searchable with the CD version, however there is a complete index for all names in the book.  This book was written and published first in 1892.  A full history of the Burial Hill and a map of its location and contents are also included in this book.  There are approximately 2,270 burial epitaphs listed, plus a street map of Plymouth in 1866 showing the location of Burial Hill; plus 27 illustrations and descriptions of tombs, monuments, enclosed lots and inscriptions "of special interest."

     Below is a sample of the type of information available in this book:

75. NATHAN, son to JOHN & MARCY HOLMES, his wife, decd Decbr ye 23d 1726 in ye 8th year of his age.
76. Here lyes buried 2 sons to Mr NATHANIEL & Mrs HOPE THOMAS, his wife; ye 1st decd Janry 26th 1729-7[sic], Aged 23 mons 21 Days; ye 2d son decd Febry ye 27th 1726-7, Aged 31 days. 
77. Here lyes buried ye body of Mrs MARY BARNES, wife to Mr JOHN BARNES: decd Febry ye 20th 1726-7 in ye 55th year of her age. 
78. Here Lyes ye Body of Mr NATHANIEL HOLMES, who decd July ye 25th 1727 in ye 84th year of his age. [Mr. HOLMES was the son of John, who was in Plymouth as early as 1632, and in 1634 was a messenger of the general court &c, from whom most of the name in Plymouth and vicinity are descendants. He married Mercy, sister of Elder Thomas Faunce, and daughter of John Faunce, who came in the Ann in 1623, and Patience Morton.] 
79. Here Lyes ye body of Deacon GEORGE MORTON who decd Augst ye 2d 1727 in ye 82d year of his age. [Deacon GEORGE MORTON was the son of Ephraim and Ann (Cooper) Morton, born 1645, and grandson of George Morton who came in the Ann in 1623, whose wife was Julian Carpenter of Wrentham, England, and married in Leyden in 1612. Ephraim, the father, was born on the passage to this country and died in 1693. No stone is said to mark the place of his burial, or that of his brother Nathaniel Morton, who was Secretary of the Colony, and died in 1685, although he was probably buried near to Deacon Morton's grave. The above is the oldest grave-stone on the hill bearing the name of Morton.] 
80. ABIGAIL dautr of Mr NICHOLAS & Mrs REBECKAH DREW, his wife, died Augst ye 22d 1727 aged 3 years 11 Mo & 8 days. 
81. Here lyes ye body of JOSHUA WETHREIL, died Septr In ye year 1727 aged about 45 years.
82. Here lyes ye body of Mrs HOPE THOMAS wife to Mr NATHANIEL THOMAS decd May ye 3d 1728 in ye 26 year of her age. 
83. Here lyes ye Body of Mrs JOANNA, wife to Deacon MORTON, who decd June ye -- 1728 in ye 83d year of her age. 
84. JOSEPH ye son to JOSEPH & ABIGAIL RIDER, his wife, decd July ye 5th 1728 Aged 8 weeks & 3 days.
85. Here lyes ye body of WILLIAM RING who decd Decbr ye 25th 1728 in ye 31st year of his age. 
86. Here lyes ye body of Mr WILLIAM RING who decd Sum time in April 1729 in ye 77th year of his age. 
87. Here lyes buried ye body of MARGARET daur to Mr SAMUEL & Mrs ELEZABEH BARTLET, decd April ye 25th Anno 1729 Aged one year & 3 Days. 
88. Here lye 2 childrn to Mr JOHN & Mrs HANNAH SPARHAWK. HANNAH, Decd June ye 15th 1729, Aged A Bout 2 Monts. JOHN, Decd June ye 20th1730, Aged A Bout 6 Weeks. 
89. Here lyes ye body of Mrs MARY OSMENT who decd Augst ye 17th 1730 in ye 72d year of her age. 
90. Here lyes ye body of MARY, daur to ye Revd Mr NATHANIEL LEONARD & PRISCILLA, his wife, decd Sept 26 1729 Aged 2 Month & 18 days. 
91. Here lyes ye body of JOB CUSHMAN who decd Novbr the 12th 1729 in ye 19th year of his age. [Mr. CUSHMAN was the son of Job and Lydia (Arnold) Cushman, who was an inn-holder of Plymouth: born 1710. His grave is ten feet south of the grave of Elder Thomas Cushman.] 
92. Here lyes ye body of CALEB CURTTIS who decd Novbr ye 19th 1729 in ye 18th year of his Age. 
93. Here lyes ye body of Mrs REBEKAH DREW wife to Mr NICHOLAS DREW who decd Novbr 1729 in Ye 45th year of her age. 
94. FREEMAN LOTHROP, son to Mr ISAAC & Mrs HANNAH LOTHROP, Aged 4 weeks & 5 Ds, decd Janry ye 9th 1730. 
95. Here lyes ye body of Captn WILLIAM SHURTLIFF who Decd Febry the 4th 1729-30, In the 72d year of his age. [Captain WILLIAM SHURTLEFF was the son of William and Elizabeth (Lettice) Shurtleff; born in Plymouth 1657. Married Susanna, daughter of Barnabas and Elizabeth (Clark) Lothrop. He was a Selectman of Plymouth several years, and a delegate to the Provincial Assembly in 1694, and held other positions of honor and importance.] 
96. Here lyes buried the body of Mrs MARY WESTRON wife to Mr THOMAS WESTRON aged about 28 years decd Febry ye 13th 1730.

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