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Pittsfield, Massachusetts Death Records
1886 to 1941 

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(Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)
From January 1, 1886 to May 30, 1941

The deaths of Pittsfield residents from July 1, 1886 to May 31, 1941 were published in the individual year Directories first published by Follansbee, Decker & Co., then Price & Lee, Co., the Eagle Publishing Co. and Eagle Printing and Binding Co. This 55 year listing is a compilation of the public records from these sources.

Every effort was made to transcribe the records accurately, but it is recommended that the official record be checked. Additional information is often included in the original records.

Where residences are listed, Pittsfield is assumed unless otherwise noted. Street is assumed unless designated otherwise. When a town is listed without a State after it, it is located in Berkshire County. When an address is listed as House of Mercy located at 741 North Street, this is the name of a hospital established in 1875, which later became the Pittsfield General Hospital and is now the Berkshire Medical Center. 89 South Street is the address of the Berkshire County Home for Aged Women, now known (in 1999) as Berkshire Place, a Gracious Ladies Retirement Home. The City Farm Almshouse was located at 1338 West Street and the American House at 211 North Street was a hotel, built in 1898 and razed in 1937.

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