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A Genealogical History of the
Who Emigrated With His Family to this Country in 1638.

By Ira B. Peck.
Boston, Mass., 1868.

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     Joseph Peck, the emigrant ancestor of the Pecks in this country, known as the Massachusetts Pecks, now a numerous and extensive race scattered throughout the United States, its Territories, the British Provinces, and Canada, was baptized in Beccles, Suffolk County, England, April 30, 1587.

     He was the son of Robert Peck, as will be seen by a reference to the chart, being a descendant in the twenty-first generation from John Peck, of Belton, Yorkshire. He settled at Hingham, Norfolk County, England.  In 1638, he and other puritans, with his brother Robert Peck, their pastor, fled from the persecutions of the church to this country. They came over in the ship Diligent of Ipswich, John Martin, master.

     Daniel Cushing, then town clerk here at Hingham, Norfolk County, New England, in speaking of his arrival in this country wrote: "Mr. Joseph Peck and his wife with three sons and daughter and two men servants, and three maid servants, came from Old Hingham, and settled at New Hingham." His children were as follows: Anna, baptized in Hingham, England, March 12, 1617-18, and buried there, July 27, 1636; Rebecca, baptized in Hingham, England, May 25, 1620, and, as appears by her father's will, married a Hubbert; Joseph, baptized in Hingham, England, August 23,1623, [For the history of him and his descendants, see Part I.]; John, baptized about 1626, [For a history of him and his descendants, see Part II]; Nicholas baptized in Hingham, England, April 9, 1630, [For his history, see Part III.]; Samuel, baptized here at Hingham, in New England, February 3,1638-9, [see Part IV.]; Nathaniel, baptized here at Hingham, New England, October 31, 1641, [see Part V.]; Israel, baptized here, March 4, 1644, [see Part VI.].

     He was twice married. His first wife was Rebecca Clark. They were married at Hingham, England, May 21, 1617. She died and was buried there, October 24, 1637. The name of his second wife, and the baptism of his son John, was not found. Soon after his arrival here, be settled in Hingham, Mass. The records there in 1638 say: "Mr. Joseph Peck received a grant of seven acres of land, for a house lot, next to Robert Peck his brother; he also received other grants of land.

     In addition to the history in this country of the descendants of Joseph Peck, the ancestor of the Massachusetts Pecks and records of their families, the work will be found to contain not only a pedigree giving a record of his own, his father's and grandfather's families, with the names of his ancestors back from him in regular ascent for twenty generations, with the coat of arms, but also a copy of his own, his father's, his brothers', and his uncles' wills. 

     This book also has an appendix, giving an account of the Boston and Hingham Pecks, the descendants of John Peck of Mendon, Mass., Deacon Paul of Hartford, Deacon William and Henry of New Haven, and Joseph of Milford, Conn., with portraits of distinguished persons from steel engravings.

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