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Northborough, Massachusetts Vital Records
Births, Deaths, & Marriages 
to the end of 1849

Transcribed from the microfilmed pages of the original books.

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Publisher’s Note:

The following pages present in print a complete list of Northborough Births, Marriages and Deaths which took place previous to January 1st, 1851, so far as it can be supplied from the Town and Church Records and the Gravestone Inscriptions.

In transcribing the greater number of the names and dates from the Town Records I have used the copy made by Mr. Gilman B. Howe, and to him I am also indebted for copies of the Baptisms, Publishments of Marriage and Burial Ground data which are included in the book. Mr. F. M. Harrington, the present Town Clerk of Northborough, has kindly allowed me to consult and copy records in his office at my convenience.

Franklin P. Rice (1901)

Northborough was included in that part of Marlborough which was set off in 1717 as Westbor-ough, and was made the second precinct or parish within the last named township in 1744. There were settlers in this part as early as 1700, and the names of Brigham, Goodnow, Oakes, Fay, Howard, Ward, Tomblin, Beaman, Wheeler, Rice and Bartlett were prominent during the first half of the eighteenth century. On the 24th of June, 1766, the Second Precinct of Westborough was made the District of Northborough, and on the 23d of August, 1775, the Town was established with full powers and privileges as granted to other towns in the Commonwealth.

The First Church was gathered in 1746 with the Rev. John Martyn as pastor. He was succeeded in 1767 by the Rev. Peter Whitney, who, as the historian of Worcester County, bequeathed an invaluable record to posterity. On the death of Mr. Whitney in 1816 the Rev. Joseph Allen was ordained his successor, and he remained in charge of the church for more than half a century. A second church was formed in 1832.

Representative family names in the town during the period from 1750 to 1850 were Allen, Babcock, Ball, Baily, Bartlett, Beaman, Bigelow, Billings, Brigham, Bruce, Carruth, Crosby, Dalrymple, Davis, Eager, Fay, Felton, Gale, Gassett, Gates, Goddard, Goodnow, Green, Harrington, Hastings, Holbrook, Howe, Hudson, Hunt, Keyes, Mahan, Maynard, Miller, Morse, Munroe, Newton, Norcross, Parmenter, Patterson, Potter, Rice, Russell, Sawtell, Seaver, Stone, Stratton, Temple, Valentine, Warren, Wheeler, Whitney, Williams, Wood, Wyman, and others.

The population of Northborough in 1791 was 620; in 1850, 1509; in 1900, 2164. The area of the town is eighteen and six-tenths square miles.

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