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Compiled by Ruth Martin (1930-1940);
Transcribed and edited by Richard R. Dietz, 1998.

Order item B349  
All seven volumes (351 pages) in one soft cover book with plastic comb binding. NOT INDEXED.
The cost is $64.65, plus $4.99 shipping & packing.  Add $2.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered.

Order item B349.1  

All seven volumes available on CD-ROM disk.  The printed volumes of this enormous mass of original data about the individuals who comprised the families of the earliest settlers of North Carolina have, in the past, been extremely difficult to search due to the lack of a printed index. But we have removed that obstacle by electronically scanning each of the nearly 350 pages and converting the text to Portable Document Format (PDF). Now you can effortlessly and easily locate any name, date, or place, in which you're interested.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader software program is required in order to view these books on the disk.  Using the Acrobat Reader program you can easily search for names, dates, locations, etc., which appear in the books. You can also print paper copies of the books. The software program and installation instructions are included on the disk.  

Cost is $24.95 plus 3.99 S & H.

Each volume is also available in print form or on CD-ROM individually, however, there is no index.

Cost is $9.95 per volume, plus $3.99 shipping and handling. 

    The records in Volumes 1 through 6 were taken from an old manuscript compiled by Ruth Martin, who apparently lived in the Winston-Salem area. The records in volume 7 were taken from a different collection, but are similar in manner and form. The manuscript is dated 1936, so, unfortunately the mailing addresses she included aren't current. The records are in no particular order. The records reproduced herein are good, faithful copies of the originals. They have been transcribed and edited for clarity and typographical errors have been corrected in editing.

Volume 1 -
Order item B339 for print version.

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Here are some of the surnames mentioned prominently in this volume:
Orrell, Thomas, Dwiggins, Hinshaw, Traynham, Jones, Spurgeon, Welch, Charles, Hedgecock, Carter, Roberson, Payne, Stuart, Henley, Hayworth, Evans, Lindsay, Williams, Guyer, Tate, Teague, Mendenhall, Gamble, Hammock, Light, Tucker, Fidler, Burke, Idol, Ankers, Hampton, Laughlin, Dorsett, Finch, Coffield, Armfield, Barker, Borum, English, Kersey, Lambeth, Martin, Sapp, Stafford, Stanley, Robbins, Trogdon, Wall, White, Jarrell, Davis, Clinard, Mock, Worth, Hill, Thornton, Raymond, Couch, Dozier, Dean, Shaw, Glasscock, Brown, Welborn, Coltrane, Richardson, Haines, Iddings, Weatherly, Horney, Wheeler, Coe, Piggott, Baldwin, Saunders, Nelson, Chipman, Campbell, Manly, Smith, and Quattlebaum.

Volume 2 -
Order item B340 for print version
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Here are some of the surnames mentioned prominently in this volume:
Smith, Barker, Clinard, Charles, Farlow, Kirkman, Sechrest, Welborn, Shults, Spurgeon, Davis, Payne, Jessup, Beeson, Beard, Brazelton, Brooks, Coffin, Elliott, Gardner, Ham, Harris, Hayworth, Hiatt, Hill, Hinshaw, Hoggatt, Horney, Hunt, Johnson, Mendenhall, Mills, Pitts, Stuart, Thornton, Wheeler, Wickersham, Benbow, Tomlinson, Brown, Simmons, Maulden, Idol, Justis, Ingram, Winslow, Lindsaw, Wilson, Bernhart, McNairy, Leach, Lawrence, Jessop, Willis, Cook, Newby, Frazier, Thornburg, Sumner, Merrill, Crawford, Swinson, McIntire, Wall, Wiggins, Wortham, Marshall, Blackwell, Duke, Stone, Williams, Morehead, Kerr, Timberlake, Neal, Orton, Trice, Stirewalt, Irwin, Parks, Patterson, Hambright, Martin, Jordan, Newby, Houston, Henderson, Holmes, and Price.

Volume 3 -
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Here are some of the surnames mentioned prominently in this volume:
Heavy in Quaker records. Deck, Eaton, Coghill, Robards, Royster, Burroughs, Baskett, Watkins, Paschall, Bullock, Beatty, White, Alexander, Donnell, Stockton, Lowdermilk, Albright, Long, Armfield, Reeson, Smith, Idol, Frazer, Frazier, Davis, Hinshaw, Barbee, Barker, Beard, Bodenhammer, Britt, Pickard, Briggs, Brown, Burton, Carter, Chipman, Clark, Cloud, Hinshaw, Jones, Stuart, Pike, Davis, Henley, Ellot, Elliott, Farlow, Fraiser, Fraizer, Jessop, Millikin, Gardner, Coffin, Gray, Hadley, Harper, Harvey, Mendenhall, Hodson, Homey, Ellison, Hunt, Hussey, Idol, and Jeffreys.

Volume 4 -
Order item B344 for print version
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Here are some of the surnames mentioned prominently in this volume:
Many Quaker records. Jessop, Jessup, Jones, Leach, Leonard, Lindsay, Lindley, Long, Macy, Martin, Masten, Clampett, Mendenhall, Millikin, Morrow, Motsinger, Osburn, Payne, Pickens, Pigott, Raper, Stuart, Vickery, Wiley, Gray, Scott, Welborn, Welch, Montgomery, Wharton, Wheeler, White, Williams, Woodard, Bain, Barker, Badgett, Bodenhammer, Borum, Homey, Idol, Carroll, Clinard, Cook, Dowd, Hedgecock, Hammer, Kinney, Kirkman, Marshall, Moore, Odell, Petty, Pearson, Pope, Potter, Riley, Teague, Yarborough, Younger, Evans, Kersey, Shields, McGee, Coltrane, Dicks, Gregson, Davis, Gray, Wood, Welborn, Swaim, Hinshaw, Clark, Hilton, Robbins, Smith, Frazier, Chipman, Cunningham.

Volume 5 -
Order item B345 for print version
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Here are some of the surnames mentioned prominently in this volume:
Cunningham, Dorsett, Welborn, Jones, Brandon, Endsley, McGee, Brasher, Briggs, Hill, Hoskins, Johnson, Bruce, Coffin, Mendenhall, Webster, Loftin, Parker, Petty, Wheeler, Hunt, Johnson, Idol, Motsinger, Raper, Shields, McKay, Gray, Clinard, Masten, Hedgecock, Davis, Blair, Homey, Thornton, Reece, Transou, Shober, Herman, Siewers, Lindley, Cook, Watson, Williams, Phipps, Hayworth, Teague, Burton, Moore, Anderson, de Schweinitz, Fries, Ledford, Smith, Ogburn, Burns, Cox, Snow, Grimes, Teague, Crouch, Motsinger, Green, Denny, Rankin, Stuart, Corbit, Payne, Welch, Ward, Martin, Hayworth, Potter, Hamner, Smith, York, Parker, Snider, Welborn, English, Perkins, Stewart, Siceloff, Eller, Benbow, Hiatt, Hunt, Cook, Wood.

Volume 6 -
Order item B346 for print version
Order item B346.1 for CD version
Here are some of the surnames mentioned prominently in this volume:
Kearns, Arnold, Brown, Gwyn, Reid, Johnson, Williams, Davis, Harris, Mangum, Price, Brody, Yarborough, Alston, Holding, Taylor, Pritchard, Gregory, Farrell, Palmer, Aydlett, Morgan, Gill, Royall, Bailey, Lankford, Barclay, Wingate, Gulley, Grady, Webb, Ligon, Stacey, Britton, Ward, White, Brisco, Lake, Hicks, Tomlinson, White, Eytel, Idol, Gordon, Ragsdale, Jones, Raper, Hunt, Beals, Kersey, Shields, Gardner, Armfield, Montgomery, Welch, Pitts, Hayworth, Potter, Wheeler, Hiatt, Williard, Pidgeon, Homey, Moore, Stanley, Starbuck, Benbow, Worth, Perkins, Swain, Blair, Baldwin, Beals, Coffin, Dixon, Hoggatt, Hunt, Unthank, Kersey, Piggott, Rogers, Robinson, Thornburg, Hiatt, Coffin, Phillips, Owen.

Volume 7 -
Order item B347 for print version
Order item B347.1 for CD version
Here are some of the surnames mentioned prominently in this volume:
(The following records are from a different collection, but are similar in manner and form.) Deck, Stockton, Donnell, Fudge (or Fugger), McIntire, Robinson, Irwin, Stirewalt, Henderson, Swinson, Mendenhall, Frazier, Patterson, Hambright, Miller, Armfield, Barker, Barum, Chipman, Charles, English, Homey, Hunt, Jones, Kersey, Lambeth, Martin, Morris, Raper, Robbins, Sapp, Stafford, Smith, Spurgeon, Stanley, Teague, Tomlinson, Trogdon, Wall, Bain, Barker, Badgett, Bodenhammer, Campbell, Carroll, Clinard, Payne, Cook, Borum, Idol, Coffin, Dowd, Farlow, Gano, Gardner, Hedgecock, Hamner, Horney, Kinney, Kirkman, Marshall, Miller, Moore, Mendenhall, Odell, Petty, Pearson, Pope, Potter, Riley, Lindsay, Turner, Sims, White, Williams, Wiseman, Welborn, Wheeler, Yarborough, Younger, Evans.

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