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Descendants of Thomas Morris of Connecticut.

By Mrs. Lucy Ann (Morris) Carhart, (New York, 1911)

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   The Morris family traces back to the time of Elthelstan and Alfred, who reigned in England in the ninth and tenth centuries.. Maurice, Morys, and Morres are names found in the records of the time; have been compounded with the prefixes Fitz, as Fitzmorris, Clan, Mount, De, &c. The name is supposed to be of Welsh origin, as Maur Rwyce and Mawr Rhys, meaning Mawr, war ; Rhys, rushing - rushing to war - warlike.

   Thomas Morris was a shipbuilder and a Puritan, who left England with other pilgrims in the year of Hampden's resistance to the arbitrary exactions of Charles, the First. At least two of the Morris family had fallen in martyrdom in the reign of " Bloody Queen Mary," and the Morris name may be found on the pages of history during the parliamentary struggles with Charles the First, and as soldiers under Cromwell.

   Thomas Morris arrived in Boston June 26, 1637. He took sail with a party of other Londoners and landed at Quinnipiac, now New Haven, March 30, 1638, arriving at their destination about the middle of April of that year. He purchased a tract of land near New Haven on the 16th of March, 1671, on account of its timber. This land has ever since been known as Morristown. The estate descended from Thomas to his son Eleazer, who gave it to his son John, who in turn, having no children, gave it to his nephew Amos, one of the sons of his brother James. Although held in the family, the property had not been occupied up to this time; Amos was the first proprietor actually residing upon the land and one of his descendants has ever since occupied it.


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