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Compiled by William Willis Boddie, 1938;
Re-typed with additions by Leonardo Andrea, 1949;
Re-typed and re-edited by Richard R. Dietz, 1996.
© 1996 Richard R. Dietz, Temple City, CA 91780-2112. All rights reserved.

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The book's full text has been converted to PDF format which is easily searchable for different names.  

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    I have taken Leonardo Andrea's list of approx. 1,320 names, re-typed it, and corrected obvious spelling and typographical errors. Andrea did not include the sources for service that Boddie refers to in his introduction. Suffice it to say that Andrea later admitted that it was a mistake, but almost all of these men received "pay indents" from the government of South Carolina and that is where their service can be verified.

The following is the introduction written by William Willis Boddie for his original book:

"The following is a List of the names of twenty-five hundred of MARION'S MEN, the location of proof of service of each man after his name. A few of the men listed furnished supplies for Marion's army, but the descendants of every one named is entitled to membership in the several societies based on service in the War of the Revolution. MARION'S MEN equipped themselves by capture from the enemy, supported and sustained themselves from their plantations, and were neither paid nor promised payment by any State authority. He, therefore, kept no rolls or records. This List has been compiled by selecting the names one by one from authorities everywhere recognized as acceptably reliable and unquestionable. With these untrained pioneer backwoodsmen, Francis Marion took from the British the PeeDee section of South Carolina, one-third of the State, and, while they were making frantic efforts to capture him, held it against them for nearly a year before any other American force succeeded in holding an acre of territory in the State against them for a single day. After the fall of Charles Town, May 13, 1780, and the complete collapse of the State agencies, civil and military, Francis Marion was one of the very few South Carolinians who actually desired separation from England. Almost every other man in the State was happy again to be safe within the arms of the "Mother Country". Marion's labors in the PeeDee country saved South Carolina and Georgia for Independence and the American Union. His services from 1780 to 1783 make the most dramatic and colorful chapter in American history. The half of his story has never been told.

"Several years after the War of the Revolution, all of MARION'S MEN who submitted claims for services were paid. A copy of each indent by which paid was made on the stub and these stubs were bound in books named for the letters in the alphabet, the stubs and indents numbered. Most of the names in this List were taken from the stubs of those old Pay Indents, the letter showing the book and the figures the number of the indent. Hence (X65) means in the List that proof of payment to the man may be found in Pay Indent book X, at number 65. (DeS.) refers to De Saussure's List of South Carolina Officers in the War of the Revolution, as published in the "Charleston Year Book" for 1893, the number of the page on which the name may be found. (Weems) refers to "Weems's Life of Marion", the number of the page; (James), to James' "Life of Marion"; (Simms), to Simm's "Life of Marion"; (Gregg) to Bishop Gregg's "History of the Old Cheraws"; (Bod.), to Boddie's "History of Williamsburg"; (Gee), to "The Gee Family", an excellent history and genealogy of that family recently compiled by W. J. Fletcher; and (Kinfolks), to the extraordinary genealogy of "Harlice and Allied Families" by Col. William C. Harlice, Marine Corps, retired. Kinfolks contains sketches of a great many of MARION'S MEN named in this List.

24 Lamboll Street.
Charleston, South Carolina
May 25, 1938."

    In 1949, the noted genealogist of Columbia, South Carolina, Leonardo Andrea took Boddie's original work and re-typed it, adding an additional 200 names he had gleaned from various sources during the course of his research. Mr. Andrea wrote the following as his introduction to his re-typed list:

"William Willis Boddie died some years ago. In his lifetime he compiled and had proof of 2,500 men who served with Marion. This was very valuable data for in the list he had hundreds of men whose records are not in the South Carolina Historical Commission.

"He had this list with all proof and sold notarized proof for $5. This LIST was placed in the Library and Archives of the National Daughters of the American Revolution. When descent is proved from any of these men, their military record can be accepted.

"The widow of Mr. Willis Boddie, Mrs. William Willis Boddie, still maintains her home in Charleston at 54-A Church Street, but she spends most of her time in California. Up until last year, and I suppose that she still does, she furnished the notarized proof of the military service of these names.

"I have typed these names. I find that instead of being in strict order of the alphabet, that the names ship around. If I caught this in time, as I typed, I rearranged the names in order of alphabet.

"After many names, of which I had knowledge, I took the liberty of adding "Also" when I knew the man had different spellings. All of them, when several, may have not used the spelling. This is helpful when attempting to find the wills or administrations on these men, in case several forms of spelling were used.

"Mr. Boddie in 1938, at the suggestion of his many friends, had the list published in a booklet. These he sold to libraries or to any who wanted to buy them. He did not take out a copyright on the booklet.

"In the short time since 1938 the booklet has become an item for collectors and fetches a price as high as $20 at times.

"The Richland County Library here in Columbia has tried ever so long to secure a copy but to no avail. Not a single public library in Columbia has a copy.

"A friend of mine lent me her copy. I decided to type it off for my own library and for use in my work......I did not attempt to type the notations after each name, altho I realize now I should have done so. All references which were in the State Historical Commission, I knew I could easily find....I realize however that the source of the private data, I should have typed after each name.

"In my own files, I am sure that I can add some 200 more names of men who stated they served with Gen. Francis Marion.

Leonardo Andrea
4204 Devine Street
Columbia 55, S.C."

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