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Maine Wills. 1640 -1760.

By: William M. Sargent, (Portland, Maine., 1887)

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The book is 963 pages, fully indexed and searchable using the Acrobat Reader's "FIND" function.
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From the Preface:

    This book contains a faithful transcript of four hundred and seventy-one wills recorded in the three offices specified, and its verbal accuracy is attested by the several officers having custody thereof.  The wills were copied verbatim, literatim and punctuatim, and reproduce also in printed characters the contractions peculiar to the scriveners of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  An explanatory table of such contractions is given below. These wills cover a period of one hundred and twenty years, 1640 to 1760, from the date of the earliest one recorded to the time when York County was divided into separate counties.
    Until then the County of York had embraced the entire Province of Maine.  In the arrangement of the wills that was adopted, the sequence of the lettered and numbered volumes in the several offices has been followed, rather than an alphabetical, or chronological order, although thereby the sequence in time was necessarily disarranged, the earliest will in point of time, that of Captain Thomas Cammock, dated September 21, 1640, recorded in Book 2 of the Registry
of Deeds. being printed at page 53.

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