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By F. E. Kidder (Allston, Mass., 1886)

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   James Kidder (1626-1676) of Billerica, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts is the progenitor of practically all persons in this country who bear the surname. His birthplace was a small village about thirty miles south of London (Lat 51.08 N, Long 0.01 W) that was near Maresfield, the traditional seat of the Kidder family in England. Little is known of his early years, but it is thought he arrived in New England in about 1649, shortly before his marriage to Anna Moore of Cambridge, Mass.  

   He is first mentioned in Cambridge records in 1650 when he settled and married there. In 1653, he leased a farm of 289 acres situated in West Cambridge from Deacon Nathaniel Sparhawk. It was located specifically on the north shore of the Monotony River and Fresh Pond; in the region of what eventually became the present-day city of Arlington. Early records show he was paid a bounty of ten shillings for killing a wolf. He was a member of the Church of Cambridge indicated by the records which state "James Kiddar and Anne his wife" were admitted to full communion and seven of their children were baptized there. 

   This book includes a genealogy and a pedigree of the Kidder family in England which traces the wife of Vincent Kidder of Maresfield, England, Ellen Loftus, to Edward III, king of England (1313-1377).

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