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Compiled and edited by Richard R. Dietz, 2019.
© 2019 Richard R. Dietz, Temple City, CA 91780-2112. All rights reserved.

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   Back in the early centuries there came a horde of Saxons from GERMANY and they overran a part of Briton. Among these was a brave and powerful leader named "Kenric". With the aid of his serfs he drove the Britons from Western ENGLAND or subjugated them, and named this territory "Wessex" or West Saxony. About AD 534 he made himself king of this territory. Kenric died in AD 560 and his son, Ceaulin, ruled in his stead. He was not the leader that his father had been, so he was expelled from the kingdom, and this portion was re-united with the other counties of ENGLAND, during the reign of Egbert. The early English Ken(d)ric(k)s claim descent from this early King Kenric. In the Kendrick family there are so many men named John, William, or James, that it is very confusing to place them in proper order, but they are all blood kin. One of the first to be named John, was John Kenrick of Ashley, Staffordshire, who was killed at the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459, during the War of the Roses. His son, John II, married Alice, daughter of John Tillesly. His son, John III, was living at the family estate, "Woore Manor" at Shropshire in 1623. The estate was still in use when American Kendrick descendants visited it in 1895. John III had three sons who have left their mark in the records, George, John, and Edward.    

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