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Genealogy of the Kennan Family

By Thomas Lathrop Kennan, (Milwaukee, Wisc., 1907)

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   The Kennans seem to belong to an ancient race of people for the name is found in the Bible. (See Chapter 1, First Chronicles, second verse.) The name is there spelled "Kenan" and one branch of the Kennan family in America spells the name in that way.  Thomas Kenan the ancestor of that branch, was a brother or at least related to the Irish Earl Kearney.  Said Thomas Kenan came from Londonderry to America and landed at Wilmington, N. C., in 1720.

   The first Kennan to come to America was Richard Kennon (so spelled), who came over some time prior to 1670, and located in Virginia, about five miles below Petersburg.  He was a merchant and became a large landowner and planter.  He married Elizabeth Warsham, a daughter of William Warsham of Virginia.

   James Kennan (or MacKennan as he spelled his name), appears to have been the ancestor of the Northern branch of the family. Little is known of him, except that he married at Rutland, Massachusetts, Margaret Smith of the town of Holden, Mass.  They had 9 children: John, Agnes, James, Jean, George, Andrew, Isaac, Daniel, and Mary.


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