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Genealogy of the

By Olin E. Holloway, M.D. (Knightstown, Indiana, 1927.)

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The book is 462 pages, NOT indexed, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $34.98 plus $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

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The book's full text of 462 pages has been scanned and converted to PDF format which is searchable using the Acrobat Reader program's "FIND" feature. 
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The Adobe Acrobat Reader software program is required in order to view this book and the software is included on the disc. You can also print paper copies of the books. The software program and installation instructions are included on the disk.  

The book contains the following chapters:

CHAPTER I: Early Holloways in America
CHAPTER II: Closely related New Jersey families
CHAPTER III: The family of John and Mary Pharo Holloway
CHAPTER IV: Descendants of James Holloway and Rebecca Kirby, his wife
CHAPTER V: Descendants of George Holloway and Ruth Wood, his wife
CHAPTER VI: Descendants of George Holloway and Elizabeth Laurie, his wife
CHAPTER VII: Descendants of John Holloway and Margaret Buck, his wife
CHAPTER VIII: Descendants of Isaac Holloway and Mary Haines, his wife
CHAPTER IX: Descendants of Asa Holloway and Abigail Wright, Elizabeth Pool, his wives
CHAPTER X: Descendants of James Holloway and Mary, his wife
CHAPTER XI: Descendants of George Holloway and Ruth Wood, of which we have no further record
CHAPTER XII: Descendants of lsaac Holloway and Elizabeth Caldo, his wife
CHAPTER XIII: Descendants of Levi Holloway and Judie, his wife
CHAPTER XIV: Descendants of George Holloway and Mary Wright, his wife
CHAPTER XV: Descendants of John Holloway and Martha Halliburton, his wife
CHAPTER XVI: Descendants of Timothy H. Holloway and Maria L. Brown, his wife
CHAPTER XVII: Descendants of Josiah Holloway and Lydia Sherman, his wife
CHAPTER XVIII: Descendants of John Holloway and Abby Lloyd, his wife
CHAPTER XIX: Descendants of Vermillion Holloway
CHAPTER XX: Descendants of Jesse B. Holloway and Susan Jane Roach, his wife
CHAPTER XXI: Descendants of Corridon Alphonso Holloway, and Anna Marie Cotton, his wife
CHAPTER XXII: Descendants of John Brown Holloway and Eve Margaret Painter
CHAPTER XXIII: Descendants of John Holloway and Sarah Massey, this wife
CHAPTER XXIV: Descendants of Thomas Holloway, Sr., and Catherine, his wife
CHAPTER XXV: Descendants of Joseph Holloway and Hannah Ball, his wife
CHAPTER XXVI: Descendants of George Holloway and Ann Seabrook, his wife
CHAPTER XXVII: Descendants of Joseph Holloway and Sarah Halsey Bryant, his wife
CHAPTER XXVIII: Descendants of Joseph Holloway and Elizabeth Koole
CHAPTER XXIX: Descendants of Nathan Holloway and Sophie Cruse, his wife
CHAPTER XXX: Descendants of Jacob Holloway and Hannah Cory
CHAPTER XXXI: Descendants of Daniel Holloway
Descendants of Thomas N. Holloway
CHAPTER XXXIII: Descendants of Peter Holloway and Abigail Gooding, his
CHAPTER XXXIV: Descendants of Washington Holloway
CHAPTER XXXV: Descendants of Charles T. Holloway
CHAPTER XXXVI: Descendants of Isaac Holloway and Polly Previtt, his wife
CHAPTER .XXXVII: Descendants of Nathan Holloway
CHAPTER XXXVIII: Descendants of David Holloway
CHAPTER XXXIX: Descendants of William Holloway
CHAPTER XL: Lineage Rolls of D. A. R. members
CHAPTER XLI: Early families of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia from Church, State and County Records. Also from
     historical books, libraries, etc.
CHAPTER XLII: English will of the English ancestry



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