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History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts 

Volumes 2 & 3 - Genealogies

Compiled by: George Lincoln
Published by the town (1893) 

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From the Preface.

    This Genealogy of the Families of Hingham has been compiled in accordance with a vote of the committee appointed by the town to prepare and publish its history. It commences with the settlement of the town in 1635, and ends September 1, 1889.

    That there may be errors of omission and errors of date, as well as in the spelling of names (especially Christian names) in some portions of the work, which the genealogist of each family will notice, and perhaps criticize, is not improbable. But when it is considered that more than fifty thousand lines with as many Christian names and about three times the number of dates have been written and re-written many times, that the town, the parish, and family records often disagree concerning the same birth, marriage, or death, and that in many instances, especially of recent date, the facts required could not be ascertained from either public or private records, it is hoped that the embarrassing conditions under which the writer has often labored, together with the magnitude of the undertaking, will in some measure be accepted as an excuse for whatever is unsatisfactory.

    The plan adopted for the successive sketches is that which is in use by the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. The figure which precedes the head of a family if descended from the first settlers denotes the number of families bearing the surname, and refers back to the family of the immediate ancestor, where the same person is designated, in the list of children, by the same number at the left of the Roman numeral. Following this rule it is easy to trace back through the whole ancestral line to the progenitor. The Christian names and figures which are given in parenthesis after the head of a family denote the ancestral line and generation in consecutive order. The names in parenthesis which follow the heads of families who have been or are residents of the town, but whose ancestral line is not traced, refer to the parents, and include the mother's maiden name. Figures at the left of the Roman numeral refer forward, where the same number will precede the family history of the person designated.

    Cohasset having formerly been a part of Hingham, and known as the east or second precinct, its families are included in the succeeding records up to 1770, when it was incorporated as a separate town.


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