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 FROM 1568 TO 1882

By Hon. William Allen; revised by Joshua Allen (Farmington, Maine, 1882)

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   1. GEORGE ALLEN, who was born in England about 1568, under the reign of Queen Elizabeth, is the ancestor of that branch of the Allen family that settled in Martha's Vineyard. Of some of his descendants we give this Genealogy:
In 1635, when the Puritans were emigrating in great numbers from the old country to escape from the persecution of Archbishop Laud, under Charles I., George Allen and his family came to America and settled in Saugus, Lynn. Three years before this, Samuel Allen, with his two brothers, Matthew and Thomas Allen, came from Braintree, Essex County, England, and settled first in Cambridge, Mass.; afterwards all three of the brothers removed to Connecticut. (See Genealogy of Samuel Allen and his descendants, by Willard S. Allen.)
   In 1637, George Allen joined with Edmund Freeman and others in the purchase of the Township of Sandwich, and the same year settled in that place. When the town of Sandwich was incorporated, he was chosen Deputy, the first office in the town, and served in that capacity for several years. He was a conscientious Puritan and a member of the Baptist Church. He had ten sons, some of whom came over from England before he emigrated to this country, and settled first in the vicinity of Boston; but after the purchase of Sandwich, the most of them, with their families, removed to that town and settled in the vicinity of their father's residence. George Allen senior, died in Sandwich, May 2, 1648, aged about 80. In his will he named his five sons Matthew, Henry, Samuel, George, and William; and also made provision for his "five least children," without naming them.

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