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Franklin County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds
1789 - 1867

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    Franklin County was formed in 1779 from the parent Bute County, however, the earliest marriage bond that is recorded is dated 1789. The original bonds are on file in the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh. They are arranged alphabetically by groom. In addition, there is a typewritten manuscript done many years ago which includes an index to brides. This book begins with the typewritten manuscript. The Archives provided a microfilm copy of the original bonds, which is five (5) reels of microfilm.

    Thus is combined both an earlier compilation and the original. When the two are compared, there are some interesting discrepancies. The old manuscript contains a few bonds which are not now included among the original documents. We retained these because the manuscript may reflect bonds which have since been lost. There were a few bonds in the original which were not in the manuscript. Date of marriages were often recorded in the manuscript which was found no evidence for in either the bond nor the Marriage Register. Those dates were omitted.

    Again, the Marriage Register 1851-1867 included some marriages for which there were no bonds and, interleaved in the Register, were original bonds which are neither included in the manuscript nor the original bonds available in the Archives. As already indicated, the Marriage Register 1851-1867 is a part of this work. Most of the marriages there recorded were included with the bonds. The value of the Register is providing, in many cases, the names of parents and the marriage dates. We have incorporated the information from the Register into the main body of the work.

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