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Vital Records of Eastham & Orleans, Massachusetts

Births - Deaths - Marriages
1637  to 1853

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The book is 200 pages, NOT indexed, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $32.98 + $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

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The book's full text has been converted to PDF format which is easily searchable for any word, name, date, place, etc.  Priced at $14.95 plus $3.99 shipping & handling charge. (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional disc ordered.)

The Adobe Acrobat Reader software program is required in order to view these books on the disk.  Using the Acrobat Reader program you can easily search for names, dates, locations, etc., which appear in the books. You can also print paper copies of the books. The software program and installation instructions are included on the disk.  

This book is comprised of all the vital statistics to be found in the Town Record books beginning in the year 1637 and continuing up to 1853.  All of the births, marriages, and deaths recorded by the Town Clerks are preserved here.  Every page of the original records first published in The Mayflower Descendant Magazine, volume 3 [July, 1901] to volume 34 [October, 1937], has been scanned, re-formatted, and where necessary, re-typed to make this edition the most easily readable of all the editions currently available.

In addition to the Town Records, the gravestone inscriptions found in the area's two major ancient burying grounds are printed in this book:

In 1797 the town of Eastham was divided and one part was incorporated as the town of Orleans. The original records of the town of Eastham are in the possession of the town of Orleans. The first volume is in a very dilapidated condition and should be preserved by the Emery process. The earliest vital records are found in the second part of the first volume.

Here is a sample of the types of records to be found in this book:

Anna Bills the Wife of Thomas Bills died the first day of September in the yeare 1675
Thomas Bills and Joanna Twining wear maried the second day of may in the year 1676
Joseph doane and Mary godfrey wear Maried the: 8th day of Jenuary in the year. 1690
Mary doane the daughter of Joseph doane was borne the fiftenth day of November in the year. 1691
Joseph doane the son of Joseph doane was borne the fiftenth day of November in the year : 1693
Rebecca doane the daughter of Joseph and Mary Doane was borne at Eastham: the fourth day: of September: 1698

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