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By Samuel Forbes Rockwell, 
North Andover, Mass., 1932

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Some of the Roxbury Davis families detailed in this book include those of:
William of Roxbury; 3 wives, 15 children; died 9 Dec. 1683.
John Davis of Roxbury, eldest son of William, above.
Jonathan Davis of Oxford.
Samuel Davis, who married Mary Chamberlain.
Edward Davis, born 23 Jan. 1714 at Roxbury.
Gen. Jonathan Davis of Oxford, born 27 May 1761.
Col. Stephen Davis of Oxford, born 1 Sep. 1788.
Jonathan Davis, born 29 Oct. 1789 at Oxford.
John Davis, born 11 Jan. 1670/71 at Roxbury.
Ichabod Davis, died March 16, 1754.
Ebenezer Davis, died May 14, 1712.
Isaac Davis, married Deborah Johnson.
Nathaniel Davis, died 1731 at Roxbury.
Tobias Richard, Hanna, Mary, John Davis (the tailor), all of Roxbury.

Some of the Boston Davis families detailed in this book include those of:
William Davis (the locksmith), died 1643/44.
William Davis (the gunsmith), who moved to Barbados.
Captain William Davis (the apothecary).
William Davis, seaman, of Chadwell, England, died 1655.
William Davis, who married Martha (____).
William Davis, mariner, died 1701.
William Davis, seaman, died 1653.
William Davis, mariner, son of William and Margaret, died 1685.
Dr. William Davis, born 22 Jan. 1686. 
William Davis, wife Mary, born 25 March 1698.

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