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The Drapers in America, Being a History and Genealogy

By: Thomas Waln-Morgan Draper, (Staten Island, N. Y., 1892).

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The book is 340 pages and there is an every-name index. The book's text has been converted to PDF and is searchable using the FIND function of the Acrobat Reader program, which is included on the CD.
Available for $14.95 + $3.99 packing & shipping charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).
   The Draper story in America begins with James "the Puritan": JAMES DRAPER. (Thomas1) 4th son and child of Thomas Draper of the Priory of Heptonstall, Vicarage of Halifax, Yorkshire County, England. b. Heptonstall, d. Roxbury, Mass.  m. Heptonstall, Miriam, dau. of Gideon Stansfield and Grace Eastwood of Wadsworth, Yorkshire.

   Although James Draper is found in history as one of the original proprietors of the Town of Lancaster, there is no evidence that he ever lived there. His first residence was in Roxbury, and there Sarah, Susanna and James, his first American children, were born. He then moved into the next Town of Dedham, for we find that his sons John, Moses and Daniel were born there, and the following official data from the records of that town confirms this view. He probably then returned to his first home in Roxbury, where his youngest children, Patience and Jonathan, were born, and where he and his wife died and are buried. He was made a Freeman of Roxbury in 1690.

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