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Volume 8, 12 issues of 2009 & 2010

Compiled and edited by Richard R. Dietz, 2009, 2010.
© 2009, 2010 Richard R. Dietz, Temple City, CA 91780-2112. All rights reserved.

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    This index contains 4,800+ different names on 21 pages with multiple references to many. For example "John DAVIS" is referenced 123 times; with Elizabeth, William, Thomas, Sarah, James, and Martha also having numerous references. Individuals are indexed by their surname and given name. Many wives are indexed by their maiden names as well as their married names. Slave names mentioned in wills and records reprinted in the newsletter also have their given names indexed with a surname of "Unknown".

    The font selected for this index is large, modern, and easy to read. The volume has an attractive soft cover with a comb binding. The front cover is clear to show the title page.

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