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The History & Genealogy of the Dague Family

By: Carrie M. Dague, (Elm Grove, W. Va., 1938).

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The book is 253 pages. The full text has been converted to PDF format which is searchable using the Reader's "FIND" function, and there is a full index.
Available for $14.95 + $3.99 packing & shipping charge - USPS 1st class parcel (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).


From the preface:  
   "In the preparation of this book, the author has used material taken from various court houses, historical societies, libraries, family traditions, tombstone records, War Department, Pension Bureau, and records kept by various members of the "Clan" as they migrated to different parts of the country.

   "The Genealogy was made up by different members oŁ the Dague family sending in their ancestry as far back as they knew. These different branches of the Dague family were gradually pieced together. Sometimes conflicting statements were given that were hard to clear up. Sometimes both had to be given. As most of the reports sent in were written by hand, the author often found it difficult to determine the spelling of a name; the name, for example, might be interpreted either, "Lawyer" or "Sawyer." In such cases the author used the spelling she thought was the correct one.

   "The first account of the Dague family was written in 1927; but it was soon out of date, as new historical material was discovered. Later another was started, but the same thing happened. In the summer of 1937, the writer gathered her material together, and once more started anew; but before the work was completed the author received valuable information which was needed to explain some of the early family history."

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