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David "Davy" Crockett: His Life and Adventures

Written by John C. S. Abbott (1874). Reprinted 2005.

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The book is 160 pages, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $24.95 plus $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

Chapter contents:

Parentage and Childhood. The Emigrant.
Crossing the Alleghenies. — The Boundless Wilderness. — The Hut on the Holston. — Life's Necessaries. — The Massacre. — Birth of David Crockett. — Peril of the Boys. — Anecdote. — Removal to Greenville; to Cove Creek. — Increased Emigration. —Loss of the Mill. — The Tavern. — Engagement with the Drover. — Adventures in the Wilderness. — Virtual Captivity. — The Escape. — The Return. — The Runaway. — New Adventures. 

Youthful Adventures.
David at Gerardstown. — Trip to Baltimore. — Anecdotes. — He ships for London. —Disappointment. — Defrauded of his Wages. — Escapes. — New Adventures. — Crossing the River. — Returns Home. — His Reception. — A Farm Laborer. — Generosity to his Father. — Love Adventure. — The Wreck of his Hopes. — His School Education. — Second Love Adventure. — Bitter Disappointment. — Life in the Backwoods. — Third Love Adventure.

Marriage and Settlement.
Rustic Courtship. — The Rival Lover. — Romantic Incident. — The Purchase of a Horse. — The Wedding. — Singular Ceremonies. — The Termagant. — Bridal Days. — They Commence Housekeeping. — The Bridal Mansion and Outfit. — Family Possessions. — The Removal to Central Tennessee. — Mode of Transportation. — The New Income and its Surroundings. — Busy Idleness. — The Third Move. — The Massacre at Fort Mimms.

The Soldier Life.
War with the Creeks. — Patriotism of Crockett. — Remonstrances of his Wife. — Enlistment. — The Rendezvous. — Adventure of the Scouts. — Friendly Indians, A March through the Forest. — Picturesque Scene. — The Midnight Alarm. — March by Moonlight. — Chagrin of Crockett. — Advance into Alabama. — War's Desolations. —Indian Stoicism. — Anecdotes of Andrew Jackson. — Battles, Carnage, and Woe.

Indian Warfare. 
The Army at Fort Strother. — Crockett's Regiment. — Crockett at Home. — His Reenlistment. — Jackson Surprised. — Military Ability of the Indians. — Humiliation of the Creeks. — March to Florida. — Affairs at Pensacola. — Capture of the City. —Characteristics of Crockett. — The Weary March, Inglorious Expedition. — Murder of Two Indians. — Adventures at the Island. — The Continued March. — Severe Sufferings. — Charge upon the Uninhabited Village.

The Camp and the Cabin.
Deplorable Condition of the Army. — Its Wanderings. — Crockett's Benevolence. — Cruel Treatment of the Indians. — A Gleam of Good Luck. — The Joyful Feast. — Crockett's Trade with the Indian. — Visit to the Old Battlefield. — Bold Adventure of Crockett. —His Arrival Home. — Death of his Wife. — Second Marriage. — Restlessness. Exploring Tour. — Wild Adventures. — Dangerous Sickness. — Removal to the West. — His New Home.

The Justice of Peace and the Legislator.
Vagabondage. — Measures of Protection. — Measures of Government. — Crockett's Confession. — A Candidate for Military Honors. — Curious Display of Moral Courage. —The Squirrel Hunt.—A Candidate for the Legislature. — Characteristic Electioneering. —Specimens of his Eloquence. — Great Pecuniary Calamity. — Expedition to the Far West. — Wild Adventures. — The Midnight Carouse. — A Cabin Reared.

Life on the Obion.
Hunting Adventures. — The Voyage up the River. — Scenes in the Cabin. — Return Home. — Removal of the Family. — Crockett's Riches. — A Perilous Enterprise. — Reasons for his Celebrity. — Crockett's Narrative. — A Bear-Hunt. — Visit to Jackson. —Again a Candidate for the Legislature. — Electioneering and Election.

Adventures in the Forest, on the River, and in the City.
The Bear Hunter's Story. — Service in the Legislature. — Candidate for Congress. —Electioneering. — The New Speculation. — Disastrous Voyage. — Narrow Escape. — New Electioneering Exploits. — Odd Speeches. — The Visit to Crockett's Cabin. — His Political Views. — His Honesty. — Opposition to Jackson. — Scene at Raleigh. — Dines with the President. — Gross Caricature. — His Annoyance.

Crockett's Tour to the North and the East.
His Reelection to Congress. — The Northern Tour. — First Sight of a Railroad. — Reception in Philadelphia. — His First Speech. — Arrival in New York. — The Ovation There. — Visit to Boston. — Cambridge and Lowell. — Specimens of his Speeches. —Expansion of his Ideas. — Rapid Improvement.

The Disappointed Politician. Off for Texas. 
Triumphal Return. — Home Charms Vanish. — Loses His Election. — Bitter Disappointment. — Crockett's Poetry. — Sets out for Texas. — Incidents of the Journey. — Reception at Little Rock. — The Shooting Match. — Meeting a Clergyman. — The Juggler. — Crockett a Reformer. — The Bee Hunter. — The Rough Strangers. — Scene on the Prairie.

Adventures on the Prairie.
Disappearance of the Bee Hunter. — The Herd of Buffalo Crockett Lost. — The Fight with the Cougar. — Approach of Savages. — Their Friendliness. — Picnic on the Prairie. —Picturesque Scene. — The Lost Mustang Recovered. — Unexpected Reunion. — Departure of the Savages. — Skirmish with the Mexicans. — Arrival at the Alamo.

The Fortress of Alamo. — Colonel Bowie. — Bombardment of the Fort. — Crockett's Journal. — Sharpshooting. — Fight Outside of the Fort. — Death of the Bee Hunter. — Kate of Nacogdoches. — Assault on the Citadel. — Crockett a Prisoner. — His Death.

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