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OF ROXBURY, MASS., 1630-1890.

By James M. Crafts & William F. Crafts (Northampton, Mass., 1893)

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Some chapter titles:
The Family in England
Orthography of the Name
Early Emigration
Biography of Lieut. Griffin Craft
Will and Inventory of Lieut. Griffin Craft
Biography of Col. Thomas Crafts, with Pay-roll of his Officers
Description of the Reading of the Declaration of Independence, by Col. Thomas Crafts, in Boston, July 18, 1776
An Inquest of the Body of Michael Johnson, alias Crispus Attucks, who was Killed in the Boston Massacre
Biography of Col. Ebenezer Crafts
Military Orders, and Pay-rolls of Lieut. Caleb Craft, 1776-1778
A Description of the Dark Day of 1780
Biography of Governor Samuel Chandler Crafts
The Croft Coat of Arms
English Records
Croft Castle, Herefordshire, England
Stillington Hall, Yorkshire, England
The Manors of Little Saxham and Westow, County of Suffolk, England
The Manor of Peckleton, Leicestershire
Extracts from the Record Series of the Yorkshire Archaeological Association
A Journal of the Seige of Louisburg, C.B., 1745
A Journal of the Seige of Boston, 1775
A Journal of Burgoyne's Surrender, 1777
Extracts from the Journals and Letters of Miss Betsey Heath, 1788-1790
Lieut. Griffin Craft of Roxbury, Mass. & his Descendants (10 generations)
American Families Bearing the name of Craft, Whose Ancestry is Not Traced to Lieut. Griffin Craft
The Long Island Families
Descendants of David Craft of Shrub Oak Plains, Westchester County, N.Y.
Descendants of Daniel Craft of Oyster Bay, Queen's County, L.I.
Descendants of John, Stephen and David Craft of Fairfield Co., Ct.
Descendants of John Craft of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., N. Y.
Maryland Families
Descendants of John Charles Craft of Craft's Neck, Md.
Descendants of George Craft of Craft's Swell, Md.
The Marblehead Families
Extracts from Town and Parish Records of Marblehead, Mass.
Extracts from the Records of Essex County, Mass.
Descendants of Richard Craft of Marblehead, Mass.
Descendants of John Croff of Ware, Mass.
Descendants of John Craft of Morris Township, Washington Co., Pa.
Additions and Corrections
Family Records
Index to Persons Bearing the Name of Craft or Crafts
Index to Surnames Other Than Craft or Crafts

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