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Cheshire, Connecticut Vital Records
Births, Deaths, & Marriages 
1694 - 1840
(Records extracted from "The History of Cheshire, Connecticut" by Joseph Beach, 1912)

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The book is 85 pages, not indexed, names listed alphabetically, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $14.98 + $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional volume ordered).

From the book:
     "A History of the Town of Cheshire" would not be complete without alluding to the original settlement of the surrounding territory by those who came from England in the early years of the seventeenth century, and settled the Quinnipiack Colony, so called for many years by the people who came hither to establish homes where they should be free to worship God after their own forms and convictions.

     It does not appear from an examination of historical and other records that the Quinnipiac Colony under the leadership of Theophilus Eaton and John Davenport had what may be called a "Royal Warrant" for taking possession of their "Plantation." They sailed for New England many years after the colony of Massachusetts Bay had been established; and their first stopping place was near Boston at Watertown (now Cambridge) in Massachusetts, where they remained for nearly a-year, resisting every inducement urging them to settle in Massachusetts.

     In the fall of 1637 Mr. Eaton and others, in a pinnace or small sloop, left Boston, and skirting the New England coast, entered Long Island sound, sailing westward until they anchored off a "fair haven ;" and subsequently sailed into a broad harbor which they found was overlooked by two high mountain peaks, now known as East and West Rocks. They explored the country sufficiently to determine that the present site of New Haven was a suitable place for the settlement of their "Plantation." Then, after erecting some huts, consisting partly of logs, and partly of excavations in the bluffs (at present known as Water street, near Meadow) they left eight men to spend the winter, felling timber and clearing the land.

From the Table of Contents:
Town Records of Cheshire - Births
Town Records of Cheshire - Marriages
Congregational Church Records (Marriages not found in town records)
Episcopal Church Records (Marriages not found in town records)
"Matrimonial Records," as given by Andrew Hull, Esq.
Deaths - Tombstone Records
Deaths From Town Records - Not in Tombstone List
Record of Burials from Episcopal Church

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