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Including the Boston Precincts of Winnismmet, Rumney Marsh, & Pullen Point 

Volumes 1 and 2, 1624 - 1824

By Mellen Chamberlain, Boston, Mass., 1908

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The books are 1,531 pages, in two volumes, fully indexed. The pages of the original books have been scanned and converted to PDF format, viewable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software program which is included on the disk. Available for $14.95 + $3.99 shipping & handling charge (Add $1.00 S&H for each additional item ordered).

   FROM 1739 to 1846, Chelsea included the present city of the same name, with the towns of Revere and Winthrop, all of which, from 1634 to January 10, 1738/9, were parts of Boston, and severally known as Winnismmet, Rumney Marsh, and Pullen Point In 1789 this territory, on the petition of its inhabitants, but with the strenuous opposition of Boston, was set off and incorporated as the town of Chelsea; from that date its municipal history begins. But for a hundred years these outlying communities, though parts of Boston and subject to its municipal control, had lives and interests not quite the same as those of the principal settlement, from which they were separated by more than a mile of water, the confluence of the Mystic and Charles rivers.

   I shall, therefore, give some account of this region, and of its inhabitants, when first settled by Englishmen; and of the life these settlers and their descendants led, so far as I may from the scanty facts that have been preserved; and, this period passed over, give the municipal history of the town from its civil and ecclesiastical records.

   Chelsea was set off from Boston and incorporated as a town January 10, 1759. It then included the towns since known as North Chelsea and Winthrop. North Chelsea, including Winthrop, was set off and incorporated as the town of North Chelsea March 19, 1846. Winthrop was set off from North Chelsea and incorporated March 27, 1868. The name of North Chelsea was changed to Revere March 24, 1871. Chelsea was incorporated as a city March 13, 1867.

   Family names with genealogical data presented in this book include:
Bellingham, Bennett, Bill, Blake, Brintnall, Cary, Chamberlain, Cheever, Cogan, Cole, Doolittle, Dyke, Eustace, Floyd, Goldthwait, Green, Hasey, Howell, Ireland, Kent, Lewis, Maverick, Newgate, Oxenbridge, Paige, Pratt, Rice, Sale, Senter, Smith, Tudor, Tuttle, Watts, Way, Williams, & Winthrop.

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