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A Chamberlain Record;
Descendants of Henry Chamberlin of Hull, Mass. (1596-1674)

By Richard R. Dietz (2003)

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The book is 46 pages, NOT indexed, soft cover with a plastic comb binding, and available for $5.95 plus $3.99 shipping & handling charge 
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This book details nine generations of the known descendants of Henry Chamberlain/Chamberlin of Hull, Massachusetts. He emigrated to the Massachusetts Colony in 1638 with his wife and children.  He was a blacksmith and lived in Hingham, Suffolk Co., Mass. Recorded as a Townsman and granted a house lot on 17 February 1638. He was admitted Freeman on 13 March 1639. 

Often confused with another of the same name who was a shoemaker, but who returned to England after a couple of years and left no descendants in New England.

The Henry of this record was made a freeman on 13 March 1639 by the General Court of Massachusetts. Though his descendants have long since left the area, the name of their progenitor is perpetuated in the region by such place names as "Chamberlain's Run", which is a small brook flowing into the Wier River near Rocky Hill; and "Chamberlain's Swamp", beyond Rocky Hill, both in Hingham.

NOTE: This book was printed from scanned images of the microfilmed copy of the original printed book which is over 100 years old.  Some parts of the book may be difficult to read, but not altogether unreadable.  The most faint page (#46) has been recreated.

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