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A Genealogical Record of the 
of North Carolina and Virginia

By Thomas Frederick Davis (Jacksonville, Florida, 1934)

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     In the 1720's, four Davis brothers, Jehu, John, William and Roger, emigrated from the British Isles to Massachusetts, where they remained for a time in the vicinity of Boston. They then ,i~ent to South Carolina, and thence to the Cape Fear section of North Carolina, where they located permanently about 1725. The ancestry of these four brothers has not been traced, but we may judge it from the character of their descendants. The name Davis, both in early and later times on the Cape Fear, has always been associated with all that was highly respectable and honorable.

     William and Roger Davis never married. William was the commander of a "Troop of Horse" in the French and Indian tsar. Roger's activities are unknown. Jehu was our ancestor and his descendants are traced herein. John married a daughter of Nathaniel Moore (son of Gov. James Moore the first, of South Carolina) and his children intermarried with the most prominent families of eastern North Carolina. His son John married Harriet Ashe (daughter of Gen, John Ashe) ; another son, William, married Margaret Moore (daughter of George Moore), who was the half-sister of Mary Moore who married Thomas Davis, the son of Jehu Davis.

     Intermarriage among the early families was constant and often close, sometimes to the extent of double first cousins. The infant mortality among them was extremely high. In a very prominent family there were twenty-eight children, of whom only seven survived to maturity, due in large measure, perhaps, to lack of medical knowledge and care. All of them were well-to-do, owning large estates.

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