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1636 - 1894.

By Burt Nichols Bridgman and Joseph Clark Bridgman (Hyde Park, Mass., 1894)

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James Bridgman, probably from Winchester, County Hants, England, came to America about 1640, living first in Hartford, Ct., then in Springfield, Mass., finally settling in Northampton, Mass., which became the family home.

For convenience this work is divided into five parts, as follows:

The Colonial Family, including James, his children and his grandchildren, and covering the period from 1640 to about 1770. With four of his grandsons, all born in Northampton, comes the beginning of four branches of the family, which are as follows:

II. The Northampton branch. Descendants of the oldest grandson, Deliverance, who was born in 1676 and always lived in Northampton, as have some of his descendants to the present day.

III. The Hanover, N. H., Branch. Descendants of Isaac, who was born in 1680, moved to Coventry, Ct., where he lived until his death, his son Isaac moving to Hanover, N. H.

IV. The Belchertown Branch. Descendants of Ebenezer. He was born in 1686, and settled in Belchertown in 1784.

V. The Vermont and York State Branch. This line sprang from Orlando, the youngest of the four brothers. He was born in 1701. In 1728 he was in a garrison at Fort Dummer, Vt., and about this time built a blockhouse or fort near what is now Vernon, Vt.

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