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By Charles Edwin Booth (New York, 1910).

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   Nine generations of the descendants of Robert Booth, who was born in England in about 1602, and who died in Saco, Maine shortly before October 26, 1672, are detailed in this book.  The name of his first wife is not known. His children were: Mary, Ellen or Elinor, Simeon or Simon, Martha, and Robert, Jr.

   The name of Robert Booth first appears in the records of the Massachusetts Bay Colony on a petition signed by the residents of Exeter, (N. H.), dated May 29, 1645.  In 1648, after a brief stay in Wells, he settled in Saco, where he lived until the end of his life.  He was closely associated with the Rev. John Wheelwright, perhaps serving as the clerk of Wheelwright's plantation.

   The Booth family's connections to about 100 other immigrant families is also discussed in varying degrees of detail in this book.  Extensive lists of references and footnotes where information about each family may be found is included.  Those names are:

George Abbott

Caleb Abell

Henry Adams

Joseph Baldwin

Francis Ball

John Bancroft

John Barlow

James Bates

Thomas Bird

Thomas Bliss

Robert Booth

Daniel Brewer

William Brewster

William Brooks

William Buell

Thomas Bull

John Burbank

Henry Burt

Richard Butler

Thomas Catlin

William Chandler

Japhet Chapin

Robert Chapman

Josiah Churchill

John Coit

George Colton

William Cornwall

John Cowles

John Dane/Deane

Robert Day

John Deming

Nathaniel Dickinson

Edward Dodd

Richard Dodge

Anthony Dorchester

Edward Elmer

Ralph Farnum

Phinehas Fiske

Lamrock Flower

Nathaniel Foote

Ambrose Fowler

Robert Francis

William Frost

Josiah Gilbert

Ozias Goodwin

Thomas Grant

George Graves

Thomas Graves

Edward Griswold

Thomas Hanchett

John Harmon

Thomas Harris

Edward Hazen

John Heald/Hale

William Henry

Ephraim Hewitt

Luke Hitchcock

William Holton

Edward Holyoke

William Hopkins

Thomas Hosmer

William Hyde

Thomas Judd

John Kirby

George Langton

William Lewis

Joseph Loomis

William Markham

Richard Montague

Isaac Moore

Thomas Nash

Thomas Noble

John North

James Northam

John Norton

James Olmstead

Richard Parke

Eltweed Pomeroy

John Porter

Stephen Post

David Sage

Benjamin Scott

George Sexton

Thomas Sluman

Arthur Smith

Henry Smith

Joseph Smith

Jared Spencer

Thomas Stanley

Comfort Starr

Rowland Stebbins

Samuel Stone

John Stow

Thomas Strong

Zachariah Symmes

Thomas Thompson

Thomas Tracy

Richard Treat

William Warriner

Christopher Webb

Joseph Weld

Thomas Welles

John White

John Whitmore

John Wilcox

Isaac Willey

Henry Withington

Thomas Wood

Samuel Wright


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