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Compiled and edited by Richard R. Dietz, 1996.
© 1996 Richard R. Dietz, Temple City, CA 91780-2112. All rights reserved.

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    The ancestry of Thomas Boon(e), Sr. of Edgefield County, South Carolina and Warren County, Georgia has been investigated and recounted in the book Thomas Boon, Immigrant, Died 1723, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and 1,000 of his Descendants, by Rupert Farnham Thompson of Studio City, California and published by him in 1981. Where he leaves off on page 25a in his book, I will begin with the descendants of Thomas Boon(e), Sr. Throughout the early records of this family, their surname is spelled either with or without the "e" on the end. His ancestry is recounted briefly to retain continuity for the researcher.

    The progenitor of this line in America was Nicholas Boon(e). He was born about 1615, presumably in England. However, no effort has been made to verify his birthplace; but since the largest majority of immigrants to Virginia at that time were coming from England, I feel it is safer to presume England than Germany or France. No mention of a spouse has been found in extant records.

    He immigrated to the Virginia Colony from England in approximately 1663. He settled in the tidewater region of Isle of Wight County, not far from Jamestown. The name "Nich [NB] Boone" appears on a petition of "Grievances" signed by several residents of Isle of Wight County dated October, 1677. In the same year he was involved in an undescribed court suit. He probably had more children, but only one has been found in extant records. Sources: Historical Southern Families, Vol. VII, pp.101-103, "Boones of Isle of Wight County, Virginia", John Bennett Boddie, 1963; Thomas Boon, Immigrant, Died 1723, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and 1,000 of his Descendants, p.7, Rupert Farnham Thompson, Studio City, CA., 1981; and Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia, Vol. 1, p.163, John Bennett Boddie, Wilmette, IL., 1938.

    Thomas Boon(e), was b.c.1640, probably in Devonshire, England; d.1723, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. He married about 1684 probably in Isle of Wight County, Elizabeth Ratcliff, b. 21 June 1668; d. 1718. She was the daughter of Richard Ratcliff and Elizabeth (_______) of Isle of Wight Co., Va.

    His name is mentioned in a court case dated 7 Oct 1695. A deed dated 3 Apr 1704, shows that he purchased 150 acres from William Williams. In another document he is described as "of the lower parish of Isle of Wight County." On 1 May 1668 he received a patent for land located in Northampton County, North Carolina. This piece of land was eventually sold by his grandson, Nicholas Boon(e), Jr. on 6 Feb 1754. Source: Thomas Boon, Immigrant, Died 1723, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and 1,000 of his Descendants, p.7, Rupert Farnham Thompson, Studio City, CA., 1981.

    Eight sons and one daughter have been associated with them. However, only the direct ancestors of Thomas Boon(e), Sr. the subject of this book, will be recognized here.

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