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The Ancestors and Descendants of
(1599 - 1903)

By Harriet Chapin Fielding.

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   Following the line of descent from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins down through their second son, Joseph, we find in the sixth generation, one Isaac Alden (1755-1822), who married Irene Smith (1757-1834), with whom this history virtually begins ; for but the briefest reference to this branch of the family is to be found in any of the hitherto published records or genealogies. And it is a matter of some surprise how little seems to have been known by former writers of the large following of these pioneers who, more than a hundred years ago, set their faces toward the great Northwest, or of the subsequent pilgrimages of their descendants, extended South and West, even to the farthest borders of our national possessions. It is this lack of information regarding them that has made it seem of no small importance that their history should be secured before the irretrievable loss of those more perishable records stored, now, only in the minds of those who, constituting the living links between past and present, are fast passing beyond our reach.

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