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King Genealogy. Clement King of Marshfield, Mass., 1668

By: George Austin Morrison, Jr., (New York, N. Y., 1898).

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book is 65 pages and fully indexed.  The text of the book has been scanned and converted to a .PDF file which is searchable using the Acrobat Reader's "FIND" function.
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   CLEMENT KING first appears as constable of Marshfield, Mass., in 1668 and 1670, but the records of that town fail to disclose whence he came or to which of the several King families then in Plymouth Colony he was
akin.  In a list of the Marshfield townsmen, dated 21st May, 1688, his name is marked with a cross, indicating his removal to Providence, R. 1., where he bought land at Pawtuxet, on the west bank of the Pauchassett river.
   Only the first name of his wife, Elizabeth, is reported in this book. They had 7 children: John, James, Thomas, Ebenezer, & Joanna. Child number 6, a was not named and only a birth date was recorded. Child number 7, a daughter, married Richard Harris. The descendants of John, James, Thomas, and Ebenezer are enumerated in this book.

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